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Varnika is a digital library showcasing the stories, scriptures, vedas, upanishads, poems and short stories by native Indian writers across different languages mainly, telugu, tamil, kannada, malayalam hindi and english.

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Varnika platform encourages the writers across India to pen stories in all preferred categories by vernacular readers

Vernacular Reading Platform

Now you can start telling and showcasing famous stories to your children in your native language through the Varnika web and mobile platform.

Varnika will be a great platform for children helping them to reminisce about our Indian Literary Heritage.

Digital Library for Indian Literature

The Varnika community of writers gets the everyday Indian audience even more interested and connected with the ancient forgotten Indian Literature.

Find lots of great content right from rigveda to bhagavatham, mahabharatham.

Encourage Indian Writers

The Indian literary heritage is the oldest in the world. Varnika is a noble platform bringing writers to the digital age and getting their stories published.

Encourage the writers by reading more and more and contribute to them if you really love their stories.

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Are you a writer who has penned lots of stories, scripts and is waiting for a publisher to publish your book? In this digital age where books are replaced by kindle, tablets Varnika is one of the first platforms encouraging Indian writers to pen and publish their stories, poems, scriptures, articles directly from our web platform.

Are you ready to write your first story?